Why a hipflask for a gift?

When it comes to gift buying – whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or special occasion – we all have that person in our lives who seems to have everything. At times we might be asked to buy a gift for someone we don’t know very well and feel totally stumped with what to buy them. The gift solution for the person who has everything, and the person we don’t know very well, is a hip flask. It’s an item so many of us never realise how much we’ll use until we have one and once we do, we can’t imagine life without it! Below we’ve highlighted some great reasons to buy a hip flask as a gift.

Why a hip flask?

Hip flasks are the perfect gift. They can be used for alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks (although we find the former leads to more fun!) across a range of activities. From picnics to pre-drinks as you travel to an event, or as a handy way to transport liquor to a party, you’ll find a huge range of ways to suggest your gift is used. A hipflask is easy to transport and easy to store, and can keep your drink both cold or hot, depending on its temperature when it’s stored.

An extra special gift

One of the nicest things about a hip flask as a gift is that it can be used and reused as many times as the recipient wants. If you choose to buy an engraved hip flask or personalised hip flask, you’ll be adding an extra touch to your gift making it extra special. So, every time the person uses your hip flask they will think of the people who gave them the hip flask and remember how special they were made to feel.

A long-term gift

Investing in one of our pewter or stainless-steel hipflasks shows the person who receives it just how important they are to you. The material means the flask will last for a long time and be used and loved for many, many years. Whatever personalisation or engravement you choose will remind the person of the occasion they received the gift on, making it extra special.

Shop our full range of hip flasks today . Our wide range of hip flasks also come with an engraving option so you can totally personalise your gift to make it extra special for the recipient.

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