Christmas Gifts for him

Stuck what to get your loved one for Christmas this year? Was that a question that confronted you last year? Was what you got at best a potential fundraiser down the local charity shop, or at worst a contribution to landfill?

Think more along the lines of what present would be most cherished, from the heart. Something that isn’t off the rack or end up on one down that certain local shop. How about a personalised tankard?

Similarly, why a personalised tankard? A personalised message is more special and considered. Something to mark it out as it sits in a cabinet or hangs on a hook pride of place above your regular’s bar. A statement of intention that says your giftee is part of the furniture, or at least part of the glassware. Not true of course… because we here at Tankards and Hipflasks also offer a whole range of not only glass but the finest Sheffield pewter and quality stainless steel tankards.

We can also offer you more personalised than simply the personalised tankard. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes – something that is fully customisable to your own unique taste. We use the most advanced computerised machines, running powerful software and just as capable hardware to create different fonts and style options, as well as your own text or image.

So, what message do you want to write? If it’s a heartfelt message, then perhaps something will spring to mind, a guarantee that it will be a constant reminder as long as the tankard is a constant companion. If that’s not your style, how about sharing something that might tickle you both:

Life and beer are very similar…. chilled for best results

Beer will make your clothes shrink

Beer doesn’t make you fat… it makes you lean…… on tables, chairs & random people

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

My body is not a temple… it’s a microbrewery with legs

I want my last words to be “Hold my beer and watch this.”

A man’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer

Beer is cheaper than therapy

Beer is the cause and solution to all of life’s problems

A man/woman drove me to drink and I never got the chance to thank him/her


Whichever message you choose, there’s still time to make this year’s gift special with a personalised tankard.


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